Once someone has had custom draperies, he or she will never return to factory made.
— Maria F. Baca

Maria F. Baca

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Maria’s primary focus is creating quality, custom-made window treatments — a craft she first began learning at the age of 12, originally under her mother’s instruction. With an eye toward today’s budget-conscious homeowners, Maria points out many cost-saving measures she can implement to still help a homeowner work toward their dream home. “We can often remake a home’s current draperies,” says Maria, “if they are clean and of good quality.” Maria can incorporate new fabrics into an existing design, combine prints and solids, or add components to your existing draperies, such as sheers, valances or under draperies. Maria even suggests completing one room of the house at a time, as your budget allows. Some clients are even completing their home’s bottom story now, with plans to refurbish the upper story bedrooms as time and finances allow.

Since Maria has her own shop, she manufactures everything herself, passing the cost savings on to her customers. Each client receives a hand-produced item of outstanding quality, without having to compensate an outside manufacturer.

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